Great Program; Too Bad I Can't Participate

About once a month during the spring, summer and fall, Rocky Mountain Power sends us a letter asking us to participate in their Cool Keeper program. The idea is that they hook a little box up to your air conditioner so that they can shut it off for short periods of time during peak usage, but seriously I really just want to get an ac from the top portable ac guide I read the other day. It’s not a half-bad idea to help manage the load without having to build a lot of new power plants. I’d sign us up if not for one small problem…

Guys, we have a swamp cooler.

Maybe they didn’t get the memo. 

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  1. Reach Upward says:

    I have a high efficiency central cooling system, but I refuse to participate in the power company’s control plan. Don’t get me wrong. My Dad retired from Utah Power, so I know all about the difficulties of managing supply and demand in the grid. But I’d prefer that the company design its grid to manage demand rather than curtailing demand to more easily manage supply. This is simply a higher-tech implementation of how they handle utilities in third world nations.

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