Twitter Updates for 2009-03-28

  • We crunched numbers and it looks like we can make things work with the severance. I’ll work some OT and sell my plasma (seriously). #
  • @triplej2676 That’s why I use a send delay in Outlook. It’s also saved me from many missing attachments. in reply to triplej2676 #
  • @triplej2676 In Outlook 2007, go to Tools -> Rules and Alerts. The option is to defer delivery. Don’t know about other versions. in reply to triplej2676 #
  • A dozen of us report that the Internet connection is down. IT guy says there’s no problem. Why is he still on the payroll? #
  • @triplej2676 No, he didn’t bother troubleshooting. Basically just blew us all off. in reply to triplej2676 #
  • Heading to to the doctor. We’ll see if I have an ear infection or not. #
  • Why on earth do I need to fill in all of my details on a form with each visit? It’s pointless paperwork. #
  • Another ear infection. Fun. #
  • Just loaded the MP3 player for the road trip to Sac. Still not packed, but we have tunes! #
  • One of my pet peeves is using a horn instead of the doorbell. This is doubled at late hours. LIKE RIGHT NOW. #

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