Nathan’s New Jam

Nathan has only mastered a few words and phrases, but so far his most favorite is “happy”. When he’s in a good mood, he’ll just wander around saying “happy, happy” over and over and over again. About a week ago, he was doing that again, and I had the thought pop into my head to sing him this song:

Once I sang a verse, he got a huge smile on his face, did a running lap around the kitchen, and came right back to me chanting “happy, happy” until I sang the song again. And again. And about a dozen times later, he’d finally gotten his fill.

Now whenever he’s being cranky, I just need to sing him Happy Happy Joy Joy and few times and all is right with the world. Who new Ren and Stimpy could be so useful?

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  1. Aunt Jean says:

    I dare you to teach him “Log” now.

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