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Why blame your phone manufacturer when Google will do?

There’s been a bunch of buzz lately about a vulnerability in versions of Android prior to 4.4 (KitKat). Google has advised that it doesn’t plan to issue any fixes for these older versions. Unsurprisingly, this has invited a lot of … Continue reading

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Google just did an end-run around your mobile phone company

I’ve been a user and fan of Google Voice since it was still GrandCentral. From its humble beginnings of a “phone number for life” to ring your other phones to full desktop calling and texting, it’s been an indispensable product … Continue reading

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Building a Better Social Network

One of the biggest limitations of using a blog to own your own content is that you more-or-less give up controlling access to your content. Everything is out in the open by default. The workarounds are to either secure individual … Continue reading

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Google to ObiTalk users: “Drop dead”

It hasn’t been that long since I switched our “home” phone service to using an ObiTalk and it already looks like the rug has been pulled out from under us. Google recently announced that anyone “making unauthorized use of Google … Continue reading

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Why and How to De-Google Your Blog

As part of the blog clean-up, I spent a fair amount of time cleaning up plugins and figuring out what I really want my little corner of the Interwebs to do. My mission with bringing blogging back is to own … Continue reading

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Google has declared war on the open Internet

I’ve been a self-described Google whore for a long time now. I started using the search engine not long after it first went public (and displaced then-giants like Yahoo and AltaVista), I got in on the Gmail beta way back … Continue reading

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No, Mike, you’re wrong. You shouldn’t blog exclusively on Google+.

Mike Elgan has written a post on Google+ that the vast majority of bloggers should abandon their standalone blogs and post exclusively on Google_ instead. His argument is centered around the idea that blog comments suck. Given that many people … Continue reading

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Own Your Content (Or, Start Using Your Blog Again)

Any time Facebook proposes some kind of change to their terms of service, the user base gets whipped into an uproarious frenzy. “How dare they!” a million angry commenters rage, doing a copy/paste of some boilerplate “I still own my … Continue reading

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Why I Stopped Using Bookmarks

Bookmarks suck. Sure, it was easy to keep track of them when you only had a few dozen, but these days, we want to file away hundreds, usually thousands of various tidbits of information. Once you bookmark it, how do … Continue reading

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Noise Control

One of the biggest problems with all social media problems is noise control. You will inevitably end up with a lot of content that just doesn’t appeal to you at all. Despite the various ways that platforms attempt to address … Continue reading

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