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Shauna says we have to burn the house down now…

Shauna has always threatened various reasons for which we’d have to grab the lawnmower’s gas and turn the house into a pile of ashes. Most of them were dealing with the disrepair of various parts of our house (roof, swamp … Continue reading

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The Constitutional Failure in Congress

There are usually only two ways to do things in government: the right way, and the expedient way. The right way is usually a long and drawn-out process that gets sabotaged every step of the way by special interests wanting … Continue reading

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Lou Dobbs: Spouting Off Without a Clue

Lous Dobbs recently wrote the following in an editorial on The Mormon Church rolled out the red carpet for Mexican President Vicente Fox, embraces illegal immigrants in the state of Utah and helped pro-amnesty incumbent Congressman Chris Cannon with … Continue reading

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Reports are showing that Utah is tied for having the lowest rate of unemployement in the nation. This only means good things. One, it means we're growing our economy briskly without Gov. Huntsman's tax reform plans. Two, it means wages … Continue reading

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I Win!

Can I get a "w00t" up in here? Last night completed the saga of Swamp Cooler Guy. I'd thought my complaint to the BBB would go ignored (just like my voice mails), so I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when Shauna … Continue reading

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I’ve just pulled 27 pure white hairs from my head.

Coincidence that I just had another birthday? I knew I had a few up there. Mauri was kind enough to point them out to me the last time she cut my hair. But this is getting out of hand. I … Continue reading

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Everyone, meet my new dietician:

She's an emaciated sadistic little witch. And I wouldn't go back there if you paid me. Unless you were paying me to snap the little twig in half. So seriously. I was really excited about my appointment with this dietician … Continue reading

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Movie Industry Shows Lack of Scruples… Again

With CleanFlick out of business and ClearPlay under intense scrutiny, Hollywood is again rolling out the "stop compromising our artistic visions" line of crapola. I wonder just how many of these studios that bemoan having the sex, violence, and language … Continue reading

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The Bad Neighbors

There's an old adage that the abused will often become the abusers. After decades of having its water and power taken by neighboring California, Nevada has finally cracked and decided to extract a little vengence upon it's neighbor to the … Continue reading

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This city don't love me no more.

Shauna and I took a trip down to Vegas this past weekend to celebrate both her birthday and my mom's birthday. (For those that don't know, my mom and dad both live in Vegas.) I hadn't been there since probably … Continue reading

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