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Beacause the movie will be out Real Soon Now

It's an oldie but a goodie.

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Mark Towner Withdraws Threat of Legal Action, Remains a Spammer

As of this morning, the threat of legal action by Mark Towner has been withdrawn. Through further e-mail conversations, I have the following facts to add: Mark claims he got most of his e-mail addresses from attendees of GOP functions … Continue reading

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Mark Towner Threatens to Sue Me

I received the following in my inbox this morning. It was also posted as an open letter on Mr. Towner's website. Dear Mr. Harris, You indicate that I have stolen a mailing list from Utah Policy Daily. You also indicate … Continue reading

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Our Worst Fears Realized

Despite a few isolated incidents involving stolen paper towels, our dogs have been pretty good at staying out the garbage. Well, until tonight that is… Annabelle's spending the rest of the evening locked outside.

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The Day the Music Died

Your speakers are working; it's Yahoo! Radio that isn't. In protest of exorbitant new royalty fees set to go into effect Real Soon Now(TM), thousands of Internet radio broadcasters are protesting today with a day of silence. Their beef? That … Continue reading

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Vouchers: An Alternative Endgame

I wonder if Jonah Goldberg knew how much gasoline he was throwing onto the voucher fire in Utah when he penned this recent editorial calling for the end of public schools. Davis County Watch picked up on it almost immediately … Continue reading

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Could Liquid Coal Fuel be the Future?

Coal is the energy source we all love and hate at the same time. On the one hand, there's about a 600-year supply of it at current consumption rates, it produces a lot of very cheap energy and is responsible … Continue reading

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Doc Towner Thinks He Can Threaten Me?

I got the following from Utah's least favorite political spammer yesterday: After reading your Coolest Family Blog, Looking at your pictures, and your many anti-spamming comments and all your other postings and comments, I now understand who you are and … Continue reading

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Mark Towner is a Liar

For those that don't know, Mark Towner is a fringe political activist whose claims to fame are massive political spamming, republishing news stories without proper permission (not to mention ripping off the logo from Spyglass Entertainment without permission until he … Continue reading

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Thread on Food Stamps Now Most Popular

With the flood of back-and-forth between the two of us and Dean Calbreath, another journalist that doesn't like John Dougall, the debate about the Week on Food Stamps Challenge has reached 18 comments and climbing. He's asserting that it's near … Continue reading

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