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Stuff about our other beagle, Annabelle, and the unfortunate various items of our household in her path of destruction.

Finding Space for our Dogs 1

Finding Space for our Dogs

Ever since we had Liam, we’ve had a vexing problem on our hands: our dogs. As soon as he came around, our ability to pay attention to them dropped pretty significantly. A new baby is a lot of work, especially...

Liam's Hand Surgery 0

Liam's Hand Surgery

A lot of people are asking about it, so I thought maybe I should just get it written down in one spot so I stop having to repeat myself. Liam’s hand surgery has been scheduled for April 28 at Children’s...

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend 4

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

Back in September of 2000, I had just finished pouring an entirely unreasonable amount of money into the worst car I had ever owned, a 1994 Mercury Sable. Despite feeding it a steady diet of Benjamins, the car refused to...

Thirty years 10

Thirty years

I've had trouble with birthdays the last few years. Every year since I turned twenty-four, it's been harder and harder. The momentum I created of freaking out about birthdays got so bad that I've been referring to this birthday as...

A Morning Walk 0

A Morning Walk

This morning, Shauna decided that we needed to take a walk with the dogs. We started off in the neighborhood and wandered our way into Dimple Dell along Dry Creek, then under 1300 E to the side with the horse...

Well-Trained Dogs 2

Well-Trained Dogs

Our dogs thrive on routine. Every morning, they get excited because they know breakfast is coming when I get out of the shower and get dressed. I’ve been using an automatic dog feeder with great success, being precisely on time...

I bet this question has been weighing heavily on you 10

I bet this question has been weighing heavily on you

Know what's grosser than finding that your dog has chewed up a tampon and strewn the fluffy cotton contents all over your yard?

Four-Dog Night 5

Four-Dog Night

We had some adventures in dog-sitting over the weekend. Our friends Bobbie and Jeremy went to Disneyland with the fam and were left without a dogsitter, so we volunteered to watch their Jack Russell Terrier (Daisy) and bichon (Max). Max...

Our Worst Fears Realized 8

Our Worst Fears Realized

Despite a few isolated incidents involving stolen paper towels, our dogs have been pretty good at staying out the garbage. Well, until tonight that is… Annabelle's spending the rest of the evening locked outside.