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A Home Phone Without the Landline

We’ve had some kind of phone beyond our cell phones since, well, forever. At the time, it was a good way to keep from burning through precious and limited cell minutes. Now we’re at a point where cell minutes are … Continue reading

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The Perfect French Fry

Anyone who has ever attempted to make a french fry at home from scratch knows just how difficult it can be. You often end up with fries that are overcooked on the outside, yet somehow more chewy than crispy. Most … Continue reading

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Drop the Box, Drive Away, and Own the Cloud

  I’m still on a kick to try and eliminated hosted services as much as is practicable. I’ve already replaced Google Reader, kicked out FeedBurner (with, seemingly, no ill effects), and nuked Google Analytics. Now I’m turning my sights directly … Continue reading

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On Laziness

This morning, Liam was playing on his Kindle (as usual) while I was sitting at the table. Or at least I thought he was until he started asking me to get his Kindle for him. I walked over to see … Continue reading

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