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Notes on Duck Eggs

We’ve been fortunate enough since moving to Cedar City to come upon a near unlimited supply of duck eggs. In exchange for about 1.5 gallons of fruit and veggie scraps, we get about a dozen eggs per week for our … Continue reading

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Destination 210: Focusing on health, not weight

I’ve been dropping weight at a glacial pace for the last several weeks. It’s still coming off, but maybe at a rate of a pound a week, tops. I’m still losing fat mass, but that’s also going pretty slowly. I’ve … Continue reading

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The secret to perfect bacon from the oven

As much as I love bacon, I hate pan-frying it. Yes, it’s always more delicious that way, but it takes a lot of time, creates a lot of mess, and usually burns me with splattering grease. I usually make it … Continue reading

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Everything comes down to poo… (a Nathan update)

So far, we have removed gluten, casein (dairy), egg, soy, oat, peanut and almond from Nathan’s diet. We are also limiting apple and rice. He is getting only a very small amount of processed foods at this point (I haven’t … Continue reading

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Kiss THESE Grits

In the continuing quest to find some food that Nathan 1) likes and 2) won’t get explosive diarrhea from, I decided to trust the latest allergy results and give a bowl of grits a shot. He didn’t use the spoon … Continue reading

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Can you make your own chicken nuggets? Sort of.

Thanks to Nathan’s food allergies (or at least the ones we’re aware of so far), we’ve had to find a lot of creative solutions for meals. To avoid wheat, dairy, soy, and eggs, you either have to make things from … Continue reading

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End of an Era

A lone tomato is all that’s left of our garden fresh goodness. I’m still a little amazed that we’ve been able to enjoy them this late in the year. Of course, it’s not like all of the tomatoes are gone … Continue reading

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Nathan branches out

That’s lamb saag, naan, and raitha. Gotta start them young.

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The Perfect French Fry

Anyone who has ever attempted to make a french fry at home from scratch knows just how difficult it can be. You often end up with fries that are overcooked on the outside, yet somehow more chewy than crispy. Most … Continue reading

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Because I’m totally an adult

… I can opt to eat Mickey Mouse-shaped chicken nuggets for lunch.   Stay childish, my friends.

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