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And now, for something medical!

I always think that this blog just isn’t being used anymore and then every once in a great while, when I want to make a post out of the blue, I see that Jesse DOES actually post here. Which makes … Continue reading

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Barefoot Children

Today was my morning to get Liam ready for school. He came in and woke us up before the alarm went off (which almost never happens) and was well before there was any hint of daylight. This left us with … Continue reading

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Springtime means park time

Springtime means going to the park. Yesterday, it was nice enough to take the boys to the park (and out of mom’s hair) for a couple of hours. They were pretty excited to be running around outdoors.     Liam … Continue reading

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Everything comes down to poo… (a Nathan update)

So far, we have removed gluten, casein (dairy), egg, soy, oat, peanut and almond from Nathan’s diet. We are also limiting apple and rice. He is getting only a very small amount of processed foods at this point (I haven’t … Continue reading

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A new kind of bedtime defiance

Every night, I lay down with Liam in his bed before he goes to sleep. Every night, I tell him “it’s time for night-night”. Every night, he usually protests in the same way: “no night-night!” Last night, he took a … Continue reading

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Today is a little brighter, Tomorrow will be brighter still

The other day when I posted about Nathan and his regression, I was truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support I received from my friends and family. Just putting it all out there, I think, was a huge step in … Continue reading

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Nathan and Early Intervention

I hate divulging deeply personal thoughts and feelings in such a decidedly UN-personal forum, but I also don’t want to have this conversation a thousand times either, so I need to put this out there. I’ve written on Facebook about … Continue reading

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Morning Cacaphony

Liam sometimes has a hard time entertaining himself when he wakes up early which he usually do being a German sheperd, the good thing I learned a lot about these kind of dogs at This morning, I was busy … Continue reading

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You know how most kids are grossed out by kissing?

Liam is apparently not that kid. Today, he said “daddy squeeze mommy”, so I gave Shauna a hug. Pleased with the results, he followed up with “daddy kiss mommy”. Happy to oblige, kid. Happy to oblige.

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“Please, call me daddy.”

Liam has picked up an… interesting new habit. He used to call Shauna and I mommy and daddy like a typical kid. Now he’s decided to call us by our first names since he hears us doing that with each … Continue reading

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