Rocky Anderson proves once again that he has no tact.

Anyone who follows the antics of Salt Lake’s mayor knows he’s about as complacent as an starving crazed weasel. (Oh, yes, I chose that particular animal on purpose.) As if we aren’t embarrassed enough at his absenteeism, his questionable spending habits (be they on going to Torino or buying a bunch of booze on taxpayer dollars), and his determination to do everything but run the city effectively, he then jumps up and utters this little gem: “I don’t respect people who see things headed in the wrong direction and because of their high sense of deference or because of their membership in the [national] culture of obedience they keep their mouths shut.” (See Tribune article.)

Well, color me surprised that he isn’t too wild about those who aren’t as loudmouthed as he is. I don’t like Bush any more than he may, but if I were even just the elected dog catcher, I wouldn’t be jumping on board the protest wagon. Rocky, you aren’t embarrassing Salt Lakers anymore: you’re just embarrassing yourself.

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