Travel Log, Camden SC: Day 3

Being that I'm from the South, I can adjust to and handle humidity with a lot more grace than most Utahns. South Carolina, however, redefines the tem "muggy". I never had any idea that it was possible for my glasses to fog over when it's 95 degrees outside, nor that you can actually see the water floating in the air while driving down the road. I had to leave the defroster on while I was driving tonight to be able to see anything. That, my friends, is just plain nuts.

With this job complete, I'm very ready to come home now. After the work is done, there's nothing to do but… sit around. Sure, I have my laptop and an Internet connection, but contrary to many popular beliefs, the amount of entertainment to be gleaned from this source is vastly over-stated. I may still have a small tail-end bit of work tomorrow morning before I leave, however. One of the clocks here was malfunctioning and is being overnighted for delivery tomorrow morning. If it arrives early enough, I'll have to go out and do the replacement. It's not the worst thing in the world, but I can think of better ways to spend my morning.

And now… on to the food.

I'm not saying anything about breakfast on purpose. The hotel offers the standard "continental breakfast" that every hotel offers. Well, except that they have a few extra things. Instant oatmeal? Check. Hard-boiled eggs? Check. Gravy for the biscuits? Check. They even have a "make your own waffle" station with cups of batter and a waffle iron. How sweet is that? I'd still rather have the sausage patties and scrambled eggs from the Hampton Inn I stayed at in May, but that's a tough act to follow.

No trip to the South would be complete without eating some down home cookin'. (It is obligatory, by the way, to omit that "G" at the end of cooking.) The stop was at Bre's, an old turn-of-the-century kind of place remade into a restaurant. The place was pretty awesome: order a meat and three sides from the list for just $5.75. I got a plate with smoked sausage, lima beans and corn, fried squash, and mac and cheese. All of the dishes were delicious, tasting just like they came from my grandmother's kitchen. I finished that off with a bowl of blackberry cobbler. The only thing that would've made the cobbler better is a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. I give them a 4.5 out of 5 and definitely recommend that stop to anyone in the area, especially with the rock-bottom prices.

For dinner, I was a slacker. Because I left for dinner a bit late (late hear meaning 8:30PM), I had to resort to hitting up Arby's for something to take back with me. I'll have to say a few mea cuplas and find somewhere new for lunch tomorrow, provided I have the time.

And just to assure you all, I'll be out of here before Ernesto sweeps in. I've already been in the path of hurricanes enough in my lifetime. 

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  1. Tony Brevard says:

    Thanks for the extremely positive thoughts regarding our restaurant (Bre’s). Is it ok to post your critique on your website? make sure to identity yourself when you get back to Camden, SC again, & the lunch with cobbler (AND vanilla ice cream) is on the house!! Tony Brevard, Managing Partner

  2. Tony Brevard says:

    I mean OUR website, not yours. lol! Not very good with this blog thing! 🙂 Tony Brevard

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