Take me out to the ballgame…

Reflecting on the list of things we were planning on doing this weekend, I'd have to say we fell a bit short. We didn't go see Invincible. I didn't mow the yard or pull weeds. We didn't even get out of bed this morning until after 10.

We did, however, go to the baseball game on Saturday. We caught the second game of a double-header between the Salt Lake Bees and the Portland Beavers. I really enjoy going to baseball games. Living in Las Vegas, I hardly went. Apparently some genius decided that in 120 degree Las Vegas, the stadium should be facing west. Into the sun. Starting the games at 7 doesn't exactly help when sunset is after 9. Good call.

The Bees' stadium is much nicer. East-facing and the entire park was shaded by the time the game got started. They even have much better concessions. Munching on a Chicago Dog and following up with a brisket sandwich is about the best thing ever. The Bees were also playing a halfway-decent game, though they had a lot of fielding errors. Then ended up winning the game when the other team walked in a run. I can't even imagine the tongue-lashing that pitcher got after the game.

Of course, this happened to be the last regular season game. We'd really been meaning to catch more ballgames, but time just slipped on by. It probably would have been a lot of fun since the Bees are the division champs this time through. I can only imagine the playoff game on Friday is sold out and then some.

About the only other sport I enjoy watching is hockey and for obvious reasons. Seeing the dudes just wail on each other is just expected, you know? I can remember many a time going to a hockey game in Vegas (back when we still had the IHL's Thunder hanging around) and seeing about two or three fights a game. It was a great view from those 6th-row seats. Maybe I can talk Shauna into a Grizzlies game. 

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6 Responses

  1. Sherpa says:

    I’m a big baseball fan. Live games are the best.

  2. Dirt says:

    The game was a lot of fun. Seeing one of our guys break a bat hitting the ball was really cool.

    Incidentally, I recommend Invincible. Heather and I saw it a couple of weeks ago and we both loved it.

  3. bestsariah says:

    I really enjoy hotdogs.

  4. Bobbie says:

    awww. Glad you guys had fun. I was sad to miss it.

  5. Jason says:

    I hate baseball, but i love me some games! especially 50 cent hot dog nights!

  6. Kris says:

    It was a fun game, even if we didn’t get to watch a lot of it. We’d totally do grizzly games though. Of course, then Larsen will chase around the giant, uh, grizzly? and we’d miss half that game too. But he’s sure cute to watch!

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