Arrowed! (Ow, my nuclear waste dump!)

Looks like the Goshute nuclear dump isn't gonna happen. In the famous words of Nelson Muntz, "HA ha!" This is a big win for Utah specifically and the West in general.

Having lived in Nevada for 14 years under the looming spectre of Yucca Mountain, I'm pretty familiar with how the federal government in conjunction with nuclear plant operators will try to cram these kinds of projects down a state's throats. Western states are at the greatest risk since we are short on population and therefore representation. It's also regularly glossed over that neither Utah nor Nevada has a single nuclear power plant. Why should we deal with a problem we didn't create? There's also a lot of evidence suggesting that the scientific data that was collected in favor of the project was rigged.

With the nuclear lobby having to resort to bullying small states and falsifying data, you can tell they're desperate to not be on the receiving end of the nuclear waste problem they created. Maybe it's time for them to start getting more creative than "stick it in the ground for 10,000 years." 

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2 Responses

  1. Maurianne says:

    It’s so sad, but as soon as they stared talking about Yucca, I knew there would be no way to stop it. Nevada was such an easy target for them.

  2. konagod says:

    I did a post on my blog today about nuclear waste.

    There’s definitely some government and lobbyist distortions going on.

    Plus, I got a comment from someone suggesting I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about — which is true insofar as I’m not scientist or nuclear engineer. But… I smell a rat.

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