Where I Stand: State and Federal Offices

I took the time to evaluate the candidates and I've made my decisions on all state and federal offices on my ballot. This includes US Senate, US House 2, State House 48, and State Senate 9.

US Senate: Long before I moved to Utah, I knew I would never cast a ballot for Orrin Hatch. He's a shameless shill for the recording and movie industries, pushing legislation such as the DMCA and INDUCE Act among others. The more I found out about his other stances, be it the recurring silliness of the flag burning amendment or the rubber-stamping of ever-expansive government spending, the more I knew I needed an alternative. I believe that Pete Ashdown is that alternative. As the founder and owner of Xmission, Utah's largest home-grown ISP, he knows technology inside and out. He endorses a sound immigration policy that balances enforcing the existing laws while solving the horribly broken process of obtaining legal residency and citizenship and has repeatedly pushed to move land management and education back to local control. I believe his willingness to look for the best solution regardless of political leaning is a breath of fresh air that Utahns need.

US House 2: With five candidates to choose from, there's plenty to evaluate in this race. I quickly eliminated Bob Brister from my list since I'm no fan of his far-left policies, and LaVar Christensen followed fast with his ultra-partisan attitude. That leaves Austin Lett, David Perry, and the incumbent, Jim Matheson. While Matheson seems to have done an okay job, I believe that W. David Perry is the best choice in this race. He has extensive service in city governments and the Chamber of Commerce, has been a small business owner, and has a firm grasp that the feds need to start devolving their current responsibilities to the states.

State Senate 9: This is a two-way race between Wayne Niederhauser and Trisha Beck. Both of them have a history of civic involvement, but my vote goes to Wayne Niederhauser for his innovative ideas on controlling government spending and his support of a school voucher program. His background is in accounting, so we can rest assured that he will spend our money wisely.

State House 48: This one is a no-brainer. Eric Gustafson didn't respond to my e-mail inquiry for more information, and he failed to give any information to the Deseret Morning News when they sent out candidate questionnaires. I don't want someone this slothful at communicating with the voters representing me. Hey Eric? Less time putting up signs, more time actually campaigning, okay? Since Fran Tully dropped out of the race, the only choice worth anything is Sylvia Andersen.

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5 Responses

  1. Kris says:

    I got my Ashdown yard sign today I put it right in front of my busy street. 🙂

  2. David says:

    Jesse: I appreciate why you may not want to vote for Hatch. I also appreciate that Pete is an intelligent (and nice) guy. I’ve met him and have had lunch with him. He’s also naive on some extremely important issues, foremost of which is Iraq.

    I’ve now heard him twice say (the latest being tonight) that we should ask the Iraqis whether we should stay or go. If they want us to stay we should stay; otherwise, we should go.

    Wrong…dead wrong! Iraq and the war there is either a national security issue or it isn’t. I can appreciate that some see that it is and some do not. If it’s a national security issue, we stick it out and do whatever it takes to ensure our security interests. If it isn’t, then we get out of there as soon as is reasonable. There is room for reasonable debate in this construct, but to say that we’ll let the Iraqis determine our course when it is our blood and our money shows an incredible lack of understanding of national security issues and the role of the military and the U.S. in the world.

  3. Bill Fox says:

    I can’t vote in Utah but I will never forgive Bro Orin for folding like a cheap suit in the impeachment trials. I know nothing of your choices and say that voting for someone that has no earthly chance of winning is alright unless you get Peroted by doing it and end up with a slickster. Sometimes the fool you can elect is better than the other fool you can’t stand. We are faced with that in Ca. As a conservative, Swartznegger is far from my choice but since my choice is no longer on the ballet and the only likely alternative just plain sucks, I’ll hold my nose and vote for The governator

  4. Dan says:

    I hope Pete Ashdown gives Mr. Hatch a run for his money; Mr. Hatch is too comfortable in his position. Fear and loyalty, I’m afraid, will continue to keep most Utahns in Mr. Hatch’s pocket.

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