Who Won the Race for White City Community Council?

As part of the voting process on Tuesday, residents of White City also got to vote for some of the seats on the White City Community Council. Being that I'm in District 3, I was only able to vote on an at-large seat. Quaintly enough, the ballots were all cast on slips of paper (with a pencil, no less) instead of on the fancy new Diebold voting machines. There's just one problem: nobody seems to be publishing the results.

I went to the Salt Lake County Clerk's website to check the election returns. Nothing for White City. I did a search on Google. Nada. I combed both the Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune. Big fat zilch. What gives? I know you have to count and tally the things by hand, but shouldn't there at least be an acknowledgment that the voting even took place? And how long can it really take to count those up? Only 6,000 people live here, and only about 70% of those are voting age. With the 20% turnout, we're talking maybe 850 ballots to count up.

What a way to run an election. This was among the many reasons why I didn't vote for Sherrie Swenson.

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