Vampire Season

I really enjoy having seasons. Living in Las Vegas, I missed out on crisp falls with leaves crunching underfoot. Snow in the valley happened maybe twice in the 14 years I lived there. You more-or-less differentiated the weather between "hot" and "not hot". Utah has some spectacular falls, and I enjoy having snow in the winter even with the inconveniences.

That said, being further north does result in a lot less sunlight. Since the Daylight Saving change (yes, there is no "s" at the end), I've been leaving for work before the sun rises and coming home after the sun sets. I'm starting to feel like a vampire from the lack of sunlight. If not for the weekends, I'd probably have some serious vitamin K deficiencies by now. I can only imagine how folks in Alaska must feel.

As we settle in for the cold and dark winter, I'm already starting to miss the sun. 

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