TWO Dogs?

Ozzy & Chloe get to know each other

A few of you may already know about this, but we decided to get another dog. Mostly because Chloe has been super clingy and a little destructive (I believe I mentioned the numerous bed-chewing incidents) when left alone during the day. We figured she needed some company. A couple of weeks ago, we went down to an adoption event at PetSmart in Orem because we found a cute little beagle girl on the internet and we thought she'd make a good sister for Chloe. We ended up coming home with a MALE Cocker Spaniel 2 weeks later (long story).

Chloe and Ozzy playing

Anyway, he's super cute and we named him Ozzy. But we're not entirely sure it's going to work out. He's a very nice dog, but he doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with Chloe which makes him a poor choice for a companion. Nothing personal against Ozzy or anything, but if I bought a dog to hunt and he didn't hunt well, I wouldn't keep him. We got this dog to be company for Chloe and, so far, he's not doing a very good job at that. Instead of having two dogs that keep each other company, we now have two dogs that are BOTH super clingy and compete for the human's attention every minute (it's been an interesting weekend).

Chloe and Ozzy play 2

We've decided to give Ozzy until New Year's to warm up to Chloe and also to learn some manners (he's been an outdoor dog for 3 years). For now, here are some really cute pictures of him and we'll keep you updated on how things are going.

Ozzy Portrait

Ozzy Panting

Ozzy Sleeping

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10 Responses

  1. Bobbie says:

    I have to be honest, Cocker Spaniels aren’t my favorite dogs. 🙁 AT ALL, but its just me. I really hope he works out and breaks out of his shell a bit. I’ve been trying to convince Jer we need to do the same thing. We shall see.

  2. Vanessa says:

    awww he IS cute!
    Hopefully they will warm to one another.

  3. Krispy says:

    I hope they learn to like each other. If not, I know someone who would be a GREAT mommy to him.

  4. Whoa! They’re multiplying. This is why you should never get a puppy. Then you’ll get more puppies. Pretty soon, it’s puppies, puppies, everywhere. Then you’ll start dressing them like people and it’s all over.

  5. Jesse says:

    If we ever become the kind of people to put our dogs in clothes, please whack us over the head with a blunt object.

  6. So, you had a dog that sheds, and you got another dog that sheds. Does that make you Jesse “Two Sheds” Harris?

  7. Jesse says:

    Oh, go eat a crunchy frog.

  8. sherpa says:

    I hope it works out. My family has had springer spaniels for the past 20+ years, but cockers are a little different than springers.

  9. Jesse says:

    My family had a Springer for a while. I can say with certainty that both breeds seem to have some issues with peeing when excited.

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