Sen. Hatch Writes Technology-Friendly Bill?

In other news, Hell is reporting temperatures in the teens, cats and dogs are living together, and terrorists all gave up making bombs to dedicate themselves to giving friendship bracelets to Israelis.

Seriously, this is surprising. The same man who heavily lobbied for the DMCA, extended publishers' copyrights by another 20 years, proposed that we blow up someone's computer if they use Kazaa, and wrote the INDUCE Act is proposing heavily limiting the scope of patent lawsuits. Has Orrin finally seen the light?

Color me a skeptic. His track record on technology issues is abysmal, making him more of a Luddite than Sen. Ted "Tubes" Stevens. (I'm sure they smash looms together on the weekends.) If this bill does what Micron thinks it does, then I'm all for it, but I'm not counting Hatch as a changed man just yet. He's got a lot of penance due for his previous bad bills.

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