Ozzy, we hardly knew ye.

Sorry Ozzy, but you're not going to live with us anymore.

It's bad enough that you don't seem to really want to keep Chloe company. We could even sort of look past the shredded magazines and occasional piddling on the floor when excited. But chewing on the coffee table? No, that goes so far beyond the line that we can't even look past it.

Our Ruined Coffee Table

It's totally ruined. I don't think wood filler, sanding, and re-staining will fix it either. (Shauna's optimistic, so we might give something a shot. Maybe.) We can't leave him out, so he's no good as company for Chloe. He doesn't make any connections between bad behavior and immediate punishment, going right back into the same behavior patterns. About the only things he does well are look cute and be affectionate.

We were going to see about giving him to Shauna's parents, but after this last incident, we're thinking "no way." Shauna's going to call the rescue organization tomorrow to see what we can do to give him back. They're gonna get a run-down of his problem behaviors as well, and I hope they'll have the scruples to make sure prospective adopters know about these trouble spots.

The lesson to be learned? Be wary when adopting "special needs" animals. You're stuck with fixing the last family's bad parenting. 

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8 Responses

  1. Bill Fox says:

    As far as the table- you might try reshaping all the corners by making them a little more rounded. It would be a lot of work but in the end should give you satisfaction. I don’t think you’ll be happy with a wood filler for that size hole. The dog definately raises some concerns

  2. Bethany says:

    Poor baby. You need to tend to that.

    But the dog? Yeah, sounds like he may not quite be a keeper.

  3. Kristi says:

    My grandpa’s a carpenter, I’ll see if he has any ideas.

    I told you cocker spaniels were stupid. 😉

  4. Krispy says:

    I will miss him humping my leg. *sigh* breakups are so hard…

  5. bestsariah says:

    Really…animals just aren’t meant to be in houses.

  6. Jesse says:

    I wanted to put him outside for the night, but neither of us thought he’d survive temperatures in the single digits.

  7. Kipluck says:

    Sorry things didn’t work out for ya’ll and Ozzy. But he is cute. Hopefully somebody else can help him out, maybe he is more of an Only Child kind of dog. Poor Chloe. Hope you can find a friend for her if you are still trying.

  8. Shannon says:

    My son Ricardo chews on our table, but I’m slightly attached to him so I guess he can stay.

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