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The cocker spaniel we had for several weeks.

Ozzy, we hardly knew ye. 8

Ozzy, we hardly knew ye.

Sorry Ozzy, but you're not going to live with us anymore. It's bad enough that you don't seem to really want to keep Chloe company. We could even sort of look past the shredded magazines and occasional piddling on the...

Open it yourself, pup. 7

Open it yourself, pup.

I've been on a home improvement kick again. Last night, I decided to get moving on some projects I'd been putting off for some time. Of course, I decide to start with the most time-consuming one first: installing a doggie...

TWO Dogs? 10

TWO Dogs?

A few of you may already know about this, but we decided to get another dog. Mostly because Chloe has been super clingy and a little destructive (I believe I mentioned the numerous bed-chewing incidents) when left alone during the...