Happy *cough* Christmas.

Shauna was too excited to keep on sleeping after we woke up around 2:30AM this morning, so I suggested we go downstairs, get a fire started in the fireplace, and kick back on the Lovesac. Part of getting a fire started is that you have to get the cold air out of the chimney so the smoke goes up there instead of into the house. Something my neighbors with a bio ethanol fireplace don’t know anything about! After 30 minutes and what seemed like a full ream of paper, we have a fire in the fireplace, the downstairs is filled with smoke, and we’re upstairs waiting for it all to clear so we can go down there without coughing.

Merry Christmas, folks. Try not to light your house on fire like I did. 

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  1. Jason says:

    Merry Christmas Jesse and Shauna!

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