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  1. Jason says:

    Well YEAH…. where DA cookies at!?

  2. Tyler Farrer says:

    Well, after six lean cuisines, I’m definitely craving a half gallon of lard.

    Ice cream comes in a close second.

  3. Kipluck says:

    STILL funny, but as a dorky dieter may I just point out that the ice cream they are showing is the Slow Churned which is 1/2 fat of regular ice cream.

  4. Jesse says:

    Maybe so, Kip, but that misses the bigger point. (Was that a fat joke?)

  5. Brent says:

    Well, you’re not really getting a half gallon of ice cream. Nowadays, ice cream comes in 1.75 quart tubs (I know this because I am a fanatical ice cream eater, and I remember very, very clearly when all the companies went from 2 quart tubs to 1.75 quart tubs.) so Smith’s is engaging in false advertising. Somebody sue!

  6. Krispy says:

    That’s what my grocery list always looks like. It’s about balance, friends. Yin and yang. Elvis and Priscilla. Tom and Jerry.

  7. Glen says:

    That made me soooo laugh.

  8. Shauna says:

    I’m with you, Kip. I saw the humor in the ad and everything, but I didn’t see the need for my husband to be all outraged when I came home with my Lean Cuisines and free ice cream. He really thought I should have declined the free ice cream. Ummm… hello???

    The moment I saw the ad, I thought to myself, “I like ice cream. I like free stuff. This should be the perfect thing for me.”

  9. bestsariah says:

    Your American Lean Cuisine boxes look funny.

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