Stealing an election just got even easier

Anyone remember how County Clerk Sherrie Swenson quickly and abruptly dismissed criticisms of the county's election machines from Diebold? And remember how some researchers found that a hotel mini-bar key could open the box to allow someone to tinker in there? Well it gets even better folks. Apparently Diebold posted pictures on their website of the keys used to open the things and some researcher managed to reproduce it just from the pictures. Combine that with the memory card hack and you've got a stolen election with little to prove it isn't legit.

I find myself wondering how it is that our County Clerk and Lt. Governor can both still insist that these machines are a sound investment. With the seven-plus years worth of proven vulnerabilities and Diebold's ineptitude (not to mention being de-certified in the state of California), you have to wonder if these two jokers are intentionally buying faulty machines or if they're really just that ill-informed and sloppy in their work. Either way, I'm not impressed.

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