Royal India in Sandy worthy of applause

Last night, Jesse and I checked out a restaurant we've heard some good things about: Royal India . It's in Sandy in the same shopping center as Smith's. I was a little reluctant at first because it's one of those strip mall restaurants. And from the outside, there's nothing remotely remarkable about it. 

Once inside, I felt a little more at ease. The atmosphere is nowhere as impressive as that of Bombay House or anything, but we were seated right away. Which has never, ever, happened at Bombay House. It was quiet, too, but the restaurant wasn't empty by any means. The people dining there were regular family types. It's not a trendy place. I liked that.

As Jesse and I sat at our table talking about… well, nothing really, we heard a commotion and looked over to see a little girl (about 3 years old) standing on her chair and shouting "yay!" while clapping enthusiastically because the table's food had just arrived. I'm guessing she's been there before because next time I go, I might just stand on my chair and clap when the food comes, too. It was that good.

I had trouble deciding (the menu's huge) but finally decided on the Pepper Chicken (a house specialty). Jesse got the Lamb Boti Masala. Remember that scene in What About Bob? when they're eating dinner and Bob is making all the noises? That's what we were like. Every single bite was better than the one before. I can't wait to go back! The price is a lot more reasonable for every day dining than that of Bombay House as well. We got those two entrees (which came with a generous side of rice), split an order of garlic naan, and I got a Diet Pepsi. The bill came to less than $30.

Everyone should go here and try it out. You won't be disappointed! (Please take me when you go) 

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11 Responses

  1. Hooray for great Indian food under $30!

    Hip hip!

  2. Jason says:

    I’ve often found the hole in the wall or the strip mall restaurants far exceed the restaurants with the flashy lights and the big decor places. Mostly because there really is no pride at those big chain or wanna be future chain like places.

  3. Bobbie says:

    PLEASE take me with you next time. I can’t wait to see you stand on your chair and say Yay!!

  4. Bethany says:

    *shakes an angry fist at California*

  5. DWifius says:

    I want to go too, so let’s make it a plan. I like Bobbie even so we can all go together (as long as she likes me back of course). 🙂

  6. Bobbie says:

    I could totally handle that. 🙂

  7. Krispy says:

    Um, thanks for mentioning me, who TOLD YOU ABOUT IT. I wanna go, too, when you guys go. Maybe we should make it a Home Evening outing?

  8. Shauna says:

    Actually, Kristy, it was our friends, Jason and Jeanette, down the street that first told us about Royal India. They go there all the time. And then you said it was good, too. That’s why we said we “heard good things about it” rather than mentioning every person who ever said anything about it.

  9. Sunny says:

    Next time you guys are in Provo at lunchtime on a weekday, you should try India House on Center Street. One word: BUFFET! Their food is really pretty good, but I can never enjoy it much because I feel like I’m cheating on Bombay House. Guilt Masala.

  10. Vanessa says:

    I totally would not mind trying this place next month — I LOVE NAAN!!!
    And, if you were to stand on your chair, clap and shout “YAY!!”, I just might pick up the tab.

  11. Krispy says:

    Huh? You mean I’m not the only person who ever went there and told someone about it? Well don’t that beat all…

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