Some Post-Conference Thoughts

There's no particular theme other than these thoughts all relate to the October 2007 General Conference.

  • Shauna and I both got to go to the Sunday afternoon session. We were a bit worried after we got in because our tickets had already been released. That, however, ended up being shorthand for "your tickets have been upgraded to 20th row instead of balcony." Sah-weet.
  • The street preachers made me laugh. No, seriously. They had absolutely no idea how silly they looked and/or sounded.
  • I'm glad Elder Holland laid out in no uncertain terms that Mormons are Christians too and that the concepts of the Trinity have little-to-no scriptural backing. That's a concept that lead my mother to stop attending Christian churches because it made no sense to her.
  • Thank you, Elder Oaks, for reminding us that there are always better things we can do with out time. (Granted, what I'm doing not is probably not best or ever better.) It was nice to hear a message of "stop being busy to be busy."
  • I think about a third of the speakers were not from the United States or Canada. It's a good reminder that there's more to the LDS than Utah.
  • President Hinckley gave the brethren some great instruction when he told us to stop being angry all of the time. It's way too easy to get upset and stay that way, especially for the politically involved, and we need that reminder that anger causes all kinds of problems in our lives. (Does that mean Yoda was right?)
  • I'm excited for President Eyring as the new 2nd Counselor in the First Presidency and Elder Cook as a new apostle. I was really impressed that they held the news conference on Saturday right after being sustained.
  • I miss President Faust too.

What are your thoughts on our most recent conference?

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3 Responses

  1. Colleen says:

    Maybe it’s just because I’m pregnant and emotional, but I was so touched at so many of the little things at conference this year. And I flat out cried as Elder Wirthlin spoke about the small acts of kindness that mean the most, as Elder Nelson stood behind him to support him through his shakes. It’s easy to see the testimony all the apostles have of loving thy neighbor.

  2. BethAnn says:

    Just a lot of good stuff. I LOVED the Trinity talk though. I don’t know, but that one just made me want to CHEER.

  3. I loved Conference too. And, I have been thinking about how to apply Elder’s Oaks talk to my wasting time blogging. (Ouch!)

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