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Seer stones as a token

A lot has been written lately about the LDS Church revealing pictures of the seer stones used by Joseph Smith to translate the Book of Mormon. I thought I should add my two cents. To anyone who has paid attention … Continue reading

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On Excommunication

I’ve already pretty clearly drawn my line in the sand on the Ordain Women movement, so I can’t express any amount of surprise at the news that the leader of the movement may be facing an excommunication hearing. I think … Continue reading

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Ordain Women and doing it wrong

Like 87% of LDS Church membership, I do not support Ordain Women. I believe both their goals and their methods to be deeply flawed and out of touch with how the Church operates. I want to lay out some reasons … Continue reading

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The “Holy War” is an Unholy Mess

As someone who’s not really into sports (beyond wanting the Cubs to win and the Yankees to lose), rivalries are more-or-less lost on me. Even though my parents are on opposite sides of the Alabama-Auburn one, I never really caught … Continue reading

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A Very Close Call

On our drive back from California, we had an exceptionally close call. We were between Elko and Winnemucca (which, if you’re not aware, it pretty much Middle of Nowhere, Nevada) and driving through some thunderstorms. Desert rain has a tendency … Continue reading

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On Picking Fights

Dear people who keep on trying to put science and religion at odds with each other at every opportunity, Stop. Sincerely, Religious people who think science is pretty darn awesome and don’t intend to change their minds anytime soon. PS … Continue reading

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Finding Space for our Dogs

Ever since we had Liam, we’ve had a vexing problem on our hands: our dogs. As soon as he came around, our ability to pay attention to them dropped pretty significantly. A new baby is a lot of work, especially … Continue reading

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The Sunday Nap Conundrum

Shauna and I are normally very excited to have 11AM church. It gives you just enough time to sleep in and be lazy in the morning without spending all day waiting until it’s time to go. When we got the … Continue reading

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Twitter as a General Conference Tool

A lot of people don’t really get Twitter. To be honest, I didn’t get it either until I actually started using it. Up until this weekend, I used it primarily to share links and get customer service escalation as well … Continue reading

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Misdirected Outrage on Main Street Plaza

It’s very easy to get outraged at improper uses of power and force and rightly so. Such abuses are antithetical to American ideals be they used by public or private security forces. Sometimes, however, the accusers decide to inflate their … Continue reading

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