Things I Forgot I Hated About Season 1 of Lost

… until we started watching it again this past weekend at Shauna's insistence.

First off, there's Shannon. She's utterly useless (and no, the weak French translations of nonsense don't count) and spends her entire time whining, tanning (she wears at least three different swimsuits before the season is halfway done), and making all kinds of snarky remarks like the spoiled little brat that she is. I'm glad she died and even "got the hots for her" Sayyid seems to have forgotten about her by the middle of season 2 (which is what, a few weeks?).

And then there's Michael. The dude's got two lines the entire series: "WAAAALT!!!" and "THEY TOOK MY SON!!!" Couldn't the writers, for all of their crazy imagination, come up with something better than that? Maybe someone who wasn't treating his kid like some kind of unwanted stepchild and trying to justify all of his bad behavior on someone else's kidnapping? I was so happy when he left at the end of season 2, then mad when he was back in season 4, then happy again when he exploded in a giant fireball so I wouldn't have to worry about him coming back again.

Even with those too big annoyances (which were thankfully later corrected), I'm really enjoying re-watching it with perspective from what happens in later seasons.

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6 Responses

  1. Shauna says:

    I’m surprised Lost hasn’t taught you yet that just because someone explodes, it doesn’t mean that you never have to see them again. Flashbacks? Creepy forest visions? I’m sure we’ll see him again. Unfortunately.

  2. I am Andrea Fox, and I support this message.

    The next best thing to giving us a break from Michael was when they killed off the tough-as-nails-how-many-times-can-I-punch-Sawyer-in-the-face chick, Ana-Lucia. I breathed a sigh of relief when she got popped.

  3. Mike says:

    Yeah, it’s good that they got rid of Michael, Shannon, and Ana-Lucia. Sadly I think the show has lost some of it’s mysteriousness though. The whole first season was like “What the…???” You didn’t know how they were going to explain things, but it was exciting to see if it would be based on any type of reality.

    Now if someone disappears in the jungle, it’s like “Oh, the smoke monster got em’ then went back to Benjamin’s house.” Then they turned the magic wheel to make the island disappear.

    I still really enjoy the show, but I wouldn’t be too surprised now if the magic turtle really did make the ocean disappear.

  4. Vanessa says:

    I had a HUGE crush on Sayid in Season 1… until he fell for Shannon. That was so utterly disappointing. He went from freedom fighter Nadia to whiney useless Shannon?? What the….?

  5. Shannon Fox says:

    Seriously, noone can be more po’ed about Shannon’s character than me. I was honestly insulted that they HAD to give that character my name! I cringed everytime she came on the screen! Ug….and she had to be blonde too!!! I was not sad to see her go and more than overjoyed to not have my name misappropriated any longer….

  6. Lorene Fox says:

    I’m so totally relieved to find out that someone else feels the same way I do about two characters on Lost. I kept waiting for the growth that the hardships on the island might produce and none ever came. Once I had an argument with Rob about Michael,who he claimed was one of his favorite characters, but at least we both concurred about Shannon (the Lost Shannon, not the other Shannon) Also, like Vanessa, Sayid is my favorite character and when he fell for her, (not Vanessa,Shannon ((not our Shannon, the Lost Shannon)), I almost threw up all the junk food I’d just eaten. Maybe he’s one of those people that need to be needed; that dealing with difficult and disfunctional people helps him feel worthwhile and useful, maybe even in part making up for past sins. Oh no, wait! That’s me!!

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