Where I Stand 2008: Salt Lake County Offices

This is a continuing series of candidate and issue endorsements for the 2008 election cycle.

Salt Lake County Mayor

This is the only three-way race in the county offices on my ballot with incumbent Peter Corroon (D) facing off against Michael Renckert (R) and my neighbor, Leonard Olds (C). Given that Mayor Corroon has been doing a pretty darn good job with running the county and taking care of the townships, I need some compelling reasons to pick someone else to fill his shoes. Political neophyte Michael Renckert doesn't appear to have a lick of executive experience, either private or public, that would serve well at the head of county government. And while I like Leonard Olds a lot, I don't think we really need to replace our existing mayor. Let's give Peter Corroon another four years on the job.

Salt Lake County Council At Large A

Incumbent Randy Horiuchi (D) is facing off against Steven Debry (R) and it's no contest. The developer-friendly Horiuchi needs to go. The only game he has is stuffing his pockets with lobbying money while doing nothing much useful for his constituency. It's time for a change, and that means Steven Debry will be getting my vote.

Salt Lake County Council #6

This race is for an open seat on the council between Max Burdick (R) and Roger Harding (D). Burdick doesn't appear to be terribly committed to this race as the Issues section of his website is still blank. The only thing I seem to be able to find out about him is a generic statement given to the Tribune. I can't say that I like Roger Harding too much more. While he has a few position statements on his website, one of them is a statement of outright partisanship, that the council needs a Democratic majority to get anywhere. That kind of attitude is something that immediately turns me off. Because of the lack of information from Burdick and the charged partisanship of Harding being a central point of his public policy, I'm going to write-in None of the above for this race.

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