A Bunch of New Pictures

I just uploaded a bunch of family pictures and other random stuff and neglected to mention some time ago that Shauna uploaded a bunch of Liam's ultrasound pictures. Go to the photo gallery and check them out.

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  1. Rick and jenn O'Hearn says:

    Hi we are parents of a eight year old boy who was born with macrodactyly of his left foot. When he was nine months old he had his third and fourth toes removed. He also has lipomotosis in his left leg buttocks and on his back. We were told by his plastic surgeon that if he had lipo done it would more than likely come back. Were you told the same thing? I am so excited to be potentially talking to someone on line who’s child has the same issues. Our son does not believe us when we tell him there is other kids out there with the same issues as him and we understand why. We have not had any contact with anyone who has had macrodactyly so could you please reply.
    Thank you so much
    Jen and Rick O’hearn

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