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A Uhaul Leap of Faith

Two years ago today, we packed the family into the car and drove to a new home (albeit temporary) in Cedar City. We hadn’t sold our house in Sandy, but we had already contact Bournemouth Prop to assist us with...

Today is a little brighter, Tomorrow will be brighter still 1

Today is a little brighter, Tomorrow will be brighter still

The other day when I posted about Nathan and his regression, I was truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support I received from my friends and family. Just putting it all out there, I think, was a huge step in...

Liam the Cookie Monster 3

Liam the Cookie Monster

On Christmas Eve, we were at the Fox family Christmas party and, as it usual, there wasn’t a lot of food there that Liam would consider eating. In fact, the only thing we knew he’d eat was chocolate chip cookies....

Amtrak FTW? 7

Amtrak FTW?

My grandmother has been agitating for us to come back out and visit again this year. As you well know, flying has become out of the question, so I spent a bit of time crunching the numbers on both driving...

Waiting 2


We’ve been sitting in the waiting area for almost three hours now. Liam’s been going through his surgery and we’ve been doing anything we can to distract ourselves. It’s the longest wait imaginable. I don’t know how the parents here...

Liam's Hand Surgery 0

Liam's Hand Surgery

A lot of people are asking about it, so I thought maybe I should just get it written down in one spot so I stop having to repeat myself. Liam’s hand surgery has been scheduled for April 28 at Children’s...

There's no place like home for the holidays 0

There's no place like home for the holidays

For Christmas, Shauna and I took Liam to Alabama to meet my side of the extended family. All of my living grandparents and most of my aunts and uncles (as well as both cousins) live within the state, so it...

Adventures in Parenthood: Vol. 1, Part 1 1

Adventures in Parenthood: Vol. 1, Part 1

I always felt ill-prepared for parenthood. I only have one sibling and never really helped raise babies. What I knew about kids would fit into a thimble. Sure, I like kids. I get along great with nephews and neices. But...

A Bunch of New Pictures 1

A Bunch of New Pictures

I just uploaded a bunch of family pictures and other random stuff and neglected to mention some time ago that Shauna uploaded a bunch of Liam's ultrasound pictures. Go to the photo gallery and check them out.