Twitter Updates for 2009-03-13

  • @Saintless That was me that wondered aloud about GrandCentral. Glad to see it’s going to be actively developed again! in reply to Saintless #
  • I took baby duty last night and it wasn’t so bad. Liam slept from around 8PM until 2:30AM, then didn’t wake up again until around 7. #
  • I’m down to 5 messages in my Gmail inbox. Not quite “inbox zero”, but good enough for me. #
  • @Saintless I recommend copious use of filters, labels, and Archive to clear the backlog. You can always search for it if you need it later. in reply to Saintless #
  • New podcast this Saturday at 1PM. Guest will be Warren Woodward from XMission. #freeutopia #
  • I’m loving Live Mesh. It makes it so easy to sync my work files to both my home PC and the VM I use to configure databases. #

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