The Banana Puke Incident

Anyone who knows Shauna knows that she hates bananas. I don’t mean in the “yuck” sense, but rather in the “fiery hot passion of a thousand suns” sense. We’re not allowed to have bananas in the house because the smell alone makes her gag. It’s so bad that someone once got onto an elevator eating a banana and she got out and waited for the next one. It was a real act of love, then, to feed Liam some pureed bananas to see if he liked them. It ended up being a poor choice.

You see, we found out that Liam really likes bananas, but his tummy begs to differ. They end up making him a bit pukey. This wasn’t too big of a deal until he decided to urp them all over Shauna. In her hair, on her shoulder, down her back. This was truly an epic vomit. Shauna was paralyzed with disgust as her mom and I grabbed burp cloths, dish rags, and any other kind of absorbent material to try and wipe it off. Needless to say, I think this food is going to remain banned in our household.

Sorry, kid. You’ll have to stick to sweet potatoes.

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2 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    That kind of explains why you left the banana oatmeal cereal at our place LOL

  2. Bobbie says:

    My aunt is the same way. If you peel a banana within 50 feet of her she can smell it.

    JD however LOVES “nanas” Guess it’s a good thing I do too.

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