Destination 210: Be Accountable

Accountability works. That’s what got me started on the path of changing my habits to lose weight. A scale that keeps track of my weight makes me strongly consider when I “cheat” on my new eating habits. It makes me more conscientious about what goes in because I know what the end result is going to be. As silly as it sounds, having all of the data in a fancy console visualized on a chart is almost like a game: can I beat my score from the beginning of the week?

As much as I’ve been competing with myself, I need to have the external pressure on me too. Sending out my weight on social networks sets the expectation with others that I should be staying on the right path. If I stop posting updates or post a gain, I have to admit that I’m not doing as well as I should be and not just to myself.

So does accountability work? As of this morning, I’ve dropped 24.3 lbs since November 24. I should hit my goal of 210 within six weeks. No amount of calorie counting or working out is going to motivate me like watching the numbers drop.

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  1. Word: accountability all the way. It’s almost a fail safe…as long as the method of accountability matches the goal.

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