Barefoot Children

Dirty SneakersToday was my morning to get Liam ready for school. He came in and woke us up before the alarm went off (which almost never happens) and was well before there was any hint of daylight. This left us with a lot of time this morning for him to actually eat his breakfast before we had to leave (which almost never happens), so I was scrambling to make a quick sandwich before we had to bolt to the bus stop. The new bus stop is a lot further than walking distance for a kindergartener (about a mile), so we drive him there.

So imagine my shock and surprise when we arrived at the bus stop and I open the car door to realize that I had entirely forgotten to put on his shoes. And, naturally, he hadn’t thought to say a word about it as I put on his coat and loaded him in the car. After briefly contemplating sending him to school with no shoes (parent of the year material, I know), I drove back home resigned to driving Liam to school.

Except when I got home, I couldn’t for the life of me find his shoes. I checked every room in the house, even in our bedroom. I woke up Shauna so she could help me search for them. Then I had the thought to check the backyard.

And yes, they were in the backyard. In the dirt. And filled with dirt. Apparently Liam had taken his shoes off in the one part of the yard that isn’t grass and used them as improvised shovels.

And yes, I took him to school in dirty shoes. Want to make something of it?

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