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Feeling Outnumbered

One of these is not like the others. 

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As Overheard Tonight On the Way to the Hospital

Me: "I was really looking forward to eating dinner tonight" Shauna: "If it makes you feel better, I haven't eaten either." Me: "Why would that make me feel better? 'Oh boy, you're hungry too'?" Stupid abdominal pains. More to follow … Continue reading

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My New Toy

I've been talking about getting one of these nigh on forever and on Saturday, I finally took the plunge. Say "hello Moto": Yes, it's really as cool as it looks. Camera, Bluetooth, GPS, full Internet access… it has the works … Continue reading

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Selling Out

You may have noticed a few extra boxes over on the right for Sponsored Links and an offer to buy advertising. It's true: a year after we thought about it, we're sellouts. Don't worry: I don't feel any particular obligation … Continue reading

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Texas: Kicking Butt, Taking Names and Violating Rights

Only someone living under a rock wouldn’t know about the grave injustices being done to the FLDS in Texas right now. Allow me to summarize for those of you not following the story. A woman claiming to be a 16-year-old … Continue reading

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Cronyism, Insidership and Corruption: Why I'm Not a Part of Utah's Republican Party

Something is rotten in the state of Utah. It seems that we can't go a week without some new controversy embroiling the Utah Republican Party. At the heart of it all is a political machine that would make Boss Tweed … Continue reading

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Three years and true measures of love and devotion

As Jesse mentioned previously, we just celebrated our third wedding anniversary. Three years ago, Jesse and I came to the mutual conclusion that what really matters is the marriage and not the wedding so we invited our parents (Tuesday) to … Continue reading

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Even a Non-Drinker and Non-Gambler Can Enjoy Las Vegas

Shauna and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas to celebrate our third anniversary (go us!) and had a blast. We stayed at the Venetian (A++ would stay again), ate at some awesome restaurants and saw these guys: Holy. Crap. … Continue reading

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This is the Way We (Rick)Roll

As further proof in the power of the Interweb, online pranksters managed to Rickroll the New York Mets. Don't know what a Rickroll is? The Wiki can tell you more. Or you can go to Youtube and see a Rickroll … Continue reading

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Upgrading to WordPress 2.5 and Switching E-mail Services

I'm ashamed to admit that our website is powered by really ancient software. WordPress 2.1.3 was released way back when we did our server move about a year ago and it has kept our site chugging along ever since. Recently, … Continue reading

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