Score one for hyperbole.

It was just the other day that I went into great detail to discuss how hyperbole in politics will never help you: it just makes you look like a crazed and unreasoning zealot. Proof positive came into my inbox this morning in the form of a link to an editorial on the Deseret News' website.

Wow. Just… wow. "You are either in support of our military troops, or you are on the terrorists' side." That kind of unreasoning black-and-white thinking is why the level of political discourse has reached such a rancorous level. I think Rocky is a loud-mouthed blowhard who spends more time jet-setting and media-whoring than doing his job (which, if any of you have forgotten, is to run the city of Salt Lake), but to say that he's on the terrorists' side? That's going way, way off the deep end into Crazyland.

I can understand that this woman is heartbroken at the loss of her husband and probably very stressed-out at having to raise their four children on her own. This does not, however, give her a free pass to lash out at others. I don't beleive in interventionalism as a useful tool of foreign policy, but you don't hear me calling anyone supporting the Iraq war a "baby-killing war-monger", now do you? Do you know why? Because I don't think that they are. Even if I did, I'm not insane enough to say something that over-the-top. Nobody should be insane enough to say something that over-the-top. It shouldn't even be a passing thought.

Maybe Mrs. Gourley needs to step away from her keyboard and take a breather. I don't care who you are or think you are, you do not have a right to fling accusations like that. 

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