Utah Elections: Now with 50% more voting fraud!

I'm just waiting for the day where the phrase "pull a Diebold" comes into common usage to mean "produce a product of laughable quality and pretend not to know it". Their electronic voting machines have been the target of nothing but criticism for their inaccuracy, hackability and lack of a paper trail. Now comes a new report that the machines can be infected with a virus in less than one minute.

Can anyone smell that vote fraud in the air? These are voting machines that can be hacked, literally, by a monkey. You'd think this would be the first sign that maybe you need to spend a little more time putting your systems through the Quality Assurance process. Diebold's response, however, has been to deny, deny, and deny.

California wasn't fooled for long. Diebold had their voting machines disqualified and was sued by the state for knowingly selling them defective products. Unfortunantly, Utah legislators hadn't been reading the news when they chose Diebold machines for our elections. The newpapers weren't fooled, even if our elected officials were.

Our legislators need to do the right thing. Take Diebold to task on their contract, toss 'em to the curb, and start with a new vendor, even if it means buying new machines after paying for bum ones. Fair and honest elections are more important than trying to save face (and money) on this bad deal.

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