Bankruptcy means you can't pay tithing?

A judge in New York ruled that charitable donations, including tithing, can be excluded from your bankruptcy settlement contrary to the 1998 Religous Liberty Act. He's claiming that the newly-passed bankruptcy laws allow him to do so. While he might be inside the law, that doesn't make him right.

That's a big deal to those of us who are LDS. Our faith requires us to give 10% of our income as tithing. Without doing so, we become ineligible to attend the temple, a cornerstone of our religious worship. It would be bad enough to have to go through a bankruptcy, but to lose a vital part of your faith at the same time is devastatingly cruel. Let's hope Congress will get on the ball to clarify the law and correct this judge. 

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  1. Jason says:

    Im just glad the Bankrupsy Candy Bar Law passed.

    Excluding my $75,000 in Whatchamacallit’s would have sucked!

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