Travel Log, Sacramento CA: Day 1

Yes, it's technically Day 2, but I don't want to do the Day 2 post when it's not even over yet.

True to form, we planned most of our day yesterday around food. Since we had all gotten up in the morning contrary to our plans, we decided to go hit up The Nook for some breakfast (we being Shauna, myself, her mom, and Shauna's brother Glenn). If you're ever in the Cameron Park area, you should totally hit this place up for the tasty eats. The eggs benedict are awesome, and they have an offbeat dish, tortelini and eggs, that's one-of-a-kind. They're hiding just north of US-50 off of Cameron Park Rd.

After coming home to shower and dress (yes, we went to breakfast in our PJs), we went on up to Apple Hill with the same group from breakfast plus Shauna's sister-in-law, Andrea. I drooled over the many tasty food items they had up there like specialty soup mixes and apple fritters whilst the girls went nuts for the crafts and some kind of salt scrub thing. Being that I'm a guy, that stuff didn't really tickle my fancy.

After Apple Hill, we kicked it at home for a while before the highly-anticipated trip to BJ's. Let me tell you, this chain does it right. It's hard to go wrong with a chicken, bacon, mushroom, garlic, and tomato pizza with a mug of their homemade root beer. Shauna opted for the halibut tacos, also a very good choice. Better than the food, though, was the company. We got to see the Simmons family (including Hailey), Ryan and his new bride Kim, plus Shauna's friend Vanessa. (The Other Shauna joined us for dessert near the end.)

It's been a while since we've gone out to eat in a big group like that. Eating out for us is usually a matter of both of us not wanting to cook on a particular night, so it's more of an exercise in laziness than being social. A big problem with that is we put off making the decision to go out and get something until 8:30 at night, so we kind of paint ourselves into a corner of limited choices.

Okay, so I'll cheat now and give you a preview of the Day 2 post. Trip to the Sacto temple. Lunch at Z'Pie. Shopping in Placerville. Swifty's wedding reception. And… Chloe giving us all a heart attack. I'll try and get it posted before we go to bed tonight. 

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