Tribune: Why are these people on my ballot?

The Tribune's editorial board talks some sense in asking why it is we're expected to vote for a bunch of administrative offices. I agree: offices like Clerk, Treasurer, Surveyor, Assessor, and so on don't require an election. The mayor and county council can figure out who's good for the job and then fire them if they act up. At current, we have to wait for an election and hope that someone better (or at least less objectionable) secures a spot on the ballot. I say good for the Tribune for sparking the discussion.

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2 Responses

  1. Reach Upward says:

    I disagree. One of the best ways to make public officials accountable is to have them regularly stand for election. What I would like is a better voter feedback mechanism so that I can make better informed choices, but if we want the officials to serve the public rather than the oligarchy, they need to stand for election.

  2. bbart76 says:

    I agree. The problem with believing that making these officials run is no one pays attention to them. Outside of the few politically minded folks, family & friends of the candidates nobody cares who they are, what they do or why they are running. I never vote for them because I fill I’d be doing a disservice to arbitrarily choose one and I honestly don’t have time to research all of them. Well, I might have time but I dont want to.

    Another point is, these officials are not accountable to the Mayor. The Mayor cannot get these officials to do anything unless they want to. There is a disconnect and it hampers the function of the county.

    Why not then vote for the Commissioner of Public Safety or UDOT? I say, lets vote for the Mayor and allow them to choose who is best for those positions.

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