The freckle-footed bandit strikes again!

A few days ago I took my wedding ring off and set it on my nightstand because my fingers were a little bloaty. I kept forgetting to put it on and before I realized it, I had gone almost a week without wearing it. Today I went to go put it on and it was gone. GONE! I'll save you all the nausea that I experienced over the ordeal by letting you know right away that I found it.

Under my bed. In the middle of the floor.

Anyone care to guess who's responsible for that?

Annabelle the bandit

It's a good thing she's so cute. 

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5 Responses

  1. She’s *huge*!

    When did she get so big?



  2. Shauna says:

    Yeah, she has grown quite a bit. I figured it was about time I post a new picture of her. I'll need to get one of her next to Chloe though. She's still nowhere near Chloe's size.

  3. Bobbie says:

    sounds JUST like Daisy. And I have to admit you saying that she was so into your planting reminded me of Miss. Daisy when I was trying to clean!

    You need to bring your pups over! 😉 THE HOUSE IS CLEAN.

  4. Kipluck says:

    My dog Cassie used to steal KEYS when she was a puppy. Never could be sure if she just DID it or if it really was to keep us from leaving the house like I tend to believe. Dang but I MISS her!

  5. Sherpa says:

    One of our Springers use to steal stuff from the neighbors yards when he was a pup. You’d go in the back yard and there’d be a baseball glove, socks, various clothes and toys–anything he could drag back. That was fun trying to figures who the rightful owner was.

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