Mark Sorta Comes Clean

I guess even crazy spammer Mark Towner knows when to stop denying. Kind of. Paul Rolly reports that Towner admits to being behind the site but says it was a sting operation to expose closeted voucher opponents and has no affiliation with PCE. Uh… what? Mr. Rolly, have you been drinking the wrong Kool-Aid again? Are we to honestly believe that the $5,000 that PCE paid Towner had no bearing on this action? It's just creating some lame plausible deniability. Way to take one for the team, Mark.

In the meantime, I don't have an apology from Mark for his assertion that I was lying about his involvement in the e-mail. Maybe he needs to read his scriptures and reconsider.

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  1. JM Bell says:

    I don’t think that that’s “kinda coming clean” I think that that’s “Trying on a new lie, cause the old one clashed with bullsh*t”

    I think that’s more accurate.

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