Mark Towner Makes Another Vague Legal Threat

Some folks don't learn from their mistakes. Witness the vague legal threat that Mark made towards me.

To Mr. Harris, PCE approached me in June 2007 about obtaining data, email security, website security consulting. The $5,000 payment received in September was the balance outstanding of that June invoice. You can either accept the truth as I have explained, or you can continue to make baseless false allegations against me and I will be forced to seek legal remedies.

First off, let's remember that you called me a liar for saying you were behind the e-mail, then you come out and confess that it really was you. There's also the matter that you couldn't figure out if you setup an e-mail list incorrectly or setup some kind of "trap" for me and a few other folks. I don't think you're in any kind of position of trust so pardon me for thinking you're full of it. Changing your story frequently and flat-out lying do not establish a solid reputation.

Secondly, don't you remember how the last legal threat ended up playing out? You call my claims baseless, yet there is sufficient evidence to back up what I'm saying. And what of the myriad other bloggers saying the exact same thing I am? Do you plan to sue them too? Heck, why don't you just sue the entire Internet? C'mon Mark, be an adult and take your lumps. You chose to do something highly controversial in a matter of public policy and people are going to criticize you for it. Get over it.

I'm getting tired of this, Mark. You seem to think you have a right to behave badly and not have people say mean things about you as a result. It's time to check back into reality: you can either stop doing shady things in full public view or get used to us calling you a dirty, lying spammer. 

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4 Responses

  1. JM Bell says:

    Man, oh man. This is so painfully tired. Only in Utah GOP circles could a chuckle-head like Mark somehow not end up the tyrannical assistant manager at a Village Inn.

  2. JM Bell says:

    …PS: What I mean by Utah GOP circles is the nepotism that the UT GOP politicos spin in orbit around each other. The cast never seems to change but the shenanigans just get more and more blatant.

  3. Jesse says:

    I also noticed that his buddy Lavar Webb has decided to avoid the issue entirely. Talk about circling the wagons…

  4. That One Guy says:

    He should sue Al Gore.

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