The Importance of Shopping Around

Shauna and I have been talking about a new bed and bedroom set for a really long time. Our current bed is sagging quite a bit (both in the mattress and boxspring) and I’ve been using a TV tray as a nightstand for longer than I can recall. We were bumming around the house on Saturday afternoon when a commercial came on advertising some crazy financing deal from a local furniture store. Given that the high cost of acquisition has been a chief barrier, we hopped in the car and drove right down.

What we found, though, wasn’t exactly what we wanted. Much of the furniture felt very out-of-style and the mattress selection was limited to just a handful of brands. And, of course, the mattress that felt best was the most expensive, a memory foam monster topping out at $3800 for the set. Given that the bed came with a 25-year warranty and we wouldn’t likely be changing it anytime soon, we figured it would be best if we did a bit of shopping around before we made any kind of final decision. Since we were already in Murray, we took the short drive down State St. to RC Willey for some comparisons.

What we found was made of awesome. The mattress selection was significantly better and we found a mattress that was almost as comfortable as the, yet much, much less expensive. We also found a lot more furniture sets that we liked and at a much lower price. It took a good deal of walking back and forth to make a final decision, but in a few weeks we’ll be sleeping peacefully on a much better matress… and the big wad of cash we saved.

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  1. Did you end up getting the memory foam mattress? I’m so interested to know if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

  2. Jesse says:

    We so did. While the solid foam is more comfortable, the shredded foam is about 90% there and about a grand cheaper. It’s too bad we have to wait until the frame is in stock to get it delivered.

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