Defeated at the Ballot Box, Prop 8 Opponents Seek Redress Through the Courts

In what can best be described as the tortured logic of a madman, Prop 8 opponents have filed suit to overturn the will of the voters just one more time by claiming that the constitutional amendment is (wait for it)… unconstitutional. Their "logic" (and I do use that word loosely) is that acceptance of Prop 8 as a new part of the constitution is, in effect, a change of unrelated portions of the constitution relating to equality under the law. Since changes to the state constitution must originate in the legislature, they hope to get a judge to rule that the initiative was improperly filed and passed.

There's just one problem: the amendment doesn't actually change the wording or structure of any existing part of the state constitution at all. Only an absolute hack of a judge would rule otherwise. This kind of "heads I win, tails we flip again" mentality is a dangerous subversion of law and order that should never happen in a free republic. The people perpetuating this legal fraud should be ashamed of themselves and their "victory at all costs" methods.

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3 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    “Only an absolute hack of a judge would rule otherwise.”
    Well, four hack judges got us in this mess in the first place…

  2. Jason says:

    I think my primary concern about this topic isn’t so much about gay marriage, but moreso about the ‘sanctity’ of marriage.

    Since the government (because of the people) have focused so much on the sanctity issues, I wonder if this will also open the doors for increased and more difficult divorce proceedings.

    This could be the next stage. If they can’t enjoy the aspect of marriage, I wonder if they’ll push for straight people to actually do what these laws are being created for…

    To uphold the sanctity and not ridicule it, as marriage seems so throw-away these days.

    Just a thought.

  3. Connor says:

    “Only an absolute hack of a judge would rule otherwise.”

    Just wait for it: the CA Court may surprise us yet again. One never knows what “progressives” will cook up next. Just read the writ filed in court – it’s almost laughable, it’s so absurd.

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