Mark Towner Threatens to Sue Me… Again

I think the headline pretty much says it all. After mentioning the previous dust-ups between me and him in my last blog post, Mark decided to threaten to send me "legal service" yet one more time. And do we recall how the last threat worked out? Basically he got a pummeling from nearly the entire blogging community and I got at least 3 offers for free legal services should he decide to act on his huffing and puffing. (I think my favorite comment was Rob Miller making a vague threat for him to back down or else he'd go public with some unknown incident.)

Seriously, Mark, where's the "thick skin" you told SL Weekly about? Why this sudden need to "take it to the next step"? Do you really want to pick this fight again with someone you said didn't matter at all? I don't get it. You did a lot of dumb things in public, got called on it, and now I guess you want to find something to soothe your bruised ego. I hate to point this out, Mark, but you're setting yourself up for more disappointment and embarassment. And the Internet has a long memory.

You think what Google turns up now is bad? Just try something and see how everyone else reacts. I'd think that you of all people would know that trying to sue information out of existence only causes it to spread much further.

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4 Responses

  1. jasonthe says:


    I was just thinking last week that I missed Captain Doofus (slander!) and his falsified reality (libel!).

    Keep us posted Jesse. 🙂

  2. Andrea says:

    Arrrgh! I’ve missed Mark Towner. I’m glad he has blustered back onto your blog.

  3. I think I’ve seen Captain Towner hanging out with Mike Ridgeway lately….

  1. December 7, 2009

    […] Yes, that Mark Towner, the one of spamming, legal threats, and general pest fame. (As a side note, his most recent legal threat against me resulted in, unsurprisingly, total inaction.) I know the Democratic Party has to accept […]

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