Hey Equality Utah? Spam is a bad way to get your message out. Just sayin'.

Anyone who's been reading the blog for a while knows that I don't much care for spam. Aside from the epic battle with Mark Towner (who has since appropriately faded away into obscurity where he belongs), I've also called out the Luke Garrott campaign on spam which resulted in a quick apology and removal from their list.

Today you can add Equality Utah to the list of political spammers. I received a message from them this morning to drum up support for their Common Ground Initiative. Apparently William J. Carlson, Manager of Public Policy for Equality Utah, has no problems spamming people to get his message out and violating GMail's terms of service in the process. Why don't you call him at 801-355-3479 and let him know that spam just isn't cool?

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5 Responses

  1. Will Carlson says:

    I haven’t sent out any e-mails today. I think ther may be a misunderstanding. Feel free to call me and we’ll figure out what happened.

  2. I got the same e-mail. It came from common.ground.utah@gmail.com. It’s hard to imagine that Will (a) didn’t send the e-mail, or ( b) can’t find out who did.

  3. Reach Upward says:

    I’ve been spammed by Equality Utah for some time, but my spam filter usually tosses their stuff. But the email you referenced got through because it came from a new sender address.

    I throw away all spam regardless of where it comes from. If Equality Utah wants to contact me individually and ask if I want to be on their mailing list, I’ll be happy to respond to them. Otherwise, their spam goes in the trash like everybody else’s.

  4. Jesse says:

    I forward the e-mail to Will last night since I wasn’t available until WAY after hours and asked him to call if he had questions. Nothing yet.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Ditto here. I received the same message. I’ll call tomorrow.

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