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End of an Era

A lone tomato is all that’s left of our garden fresh goodness. I’m still a little amazed that we’ve been able to enjoy them this late in the year. Of course, it’s not like all of the tomatoes are gone...

Gardening 2009: The Planting 0

Gardening 2009: The Planting

I’ve spent all week doing really extensive work on our little garden. Last year, we grew about 9 quarts of strawberries and more tomatoes than we knew what to do with. (Who am I kidding? I ate ’em with a...

Expanding Our Garden 14

Expanding Our Garden

Remember last year’s foray into growing strawberries? Remember the pathetic harvest that was barely even a pint? I think we’re going to do better this year.

The First Fruits 3

The First Fruits

It's barely even a mouthful, but oh so good. I'm hoping that some of the tiny berries will give way to larger ones later in the season.

Proof That We Can Garden 3

Proof That We Can Garden

This is despite Annabelle managing to destroy both the plastic tarp protecting them from yesterdays snow AND about half of the fence around the planter. Hardy indeed.

Did you know that we're gardeners now? We garden? 10

Did you know that we're gardeners now? We garden?

Outside in the dirt in the ground? With the wind and the sky and everything? We garden! Isn't it beautiful? That's what 50 newly planted strawberry plants look like. You're all invited for strawberry shortcake this summer. The kit included...