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Google to ObiTalk users: “Drop dead”

It hasn’t been that long since I switched our “home” phone service to using an ObiTalk and it already looks like the rug has been pulled out from under us. Google recently announced that anyone “making unauthorized use of Google … Continue reading

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Another Comcast Bait and Switch, redux

Despite being elevated to executive customer service, Comcast is still failing to impress me. To her credit, Annette has been pleasant to deal with, but I’m still left with a lot of bad taste in my mouth. Here’s a rundown … Continue reading

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The “Holy War” is an Unholy Mess

As someone who’s not really into sports (beyond wanting the Cubs to win and the Yankees to lose), rivalries are more-or-less lost on me. Even though my parents are on opposite sides of the Alabama-Auburn one, I never really caught … Continue reading

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Another Comcast Bait and Switch

It took Comcast all of a day after our move to Utah to get on my “not impressed” list. In the intervening 8+ years, I can’t say they’ve done much beyond striving for mediocrity. From incompetent technical support to unexplained … Continue reading

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Rumor has it

If the Internet is good at anything, it’s spreading information really, really fast. It’s even been shown that the reports of an earthquake actually travel faster than the shock waves, acting as a sort of early warning system for people … Continue reading

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Want to botch your customer relations? Let Furniture Row show you how!

I don’t often choose to single out companies for bad behavior around here, but when I do, they’ve usually managed to screw up to a point where there’s no hope of redemption. Congratulations, Furniture Row (also known as Sofa Mart, … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Registration (And You Should Too)

Every time a website wants me to register a new account, I reflexively tense up and feel my blood pressure rising. Sure, it’s inconvenient, but that’s not why I do it. I do it because using your own registration system … Continue reading

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A Letter to the Air Transport Association

I sent the following letter to the Air Transport Association who represents the airline industry. I would encourage you to send them a letter of your own and refuse to fly until they get rid of government-mandated sexual assault, especially … Continue reading

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Today Marks the Complete and Total Irrelevance of Apple

The backbone of any company, especially one that deals in technology, is innovation. You need to come up with better ideas than everyone else to be the best at what you do and win the hearts of your customers. Inevitably, … Continue reading

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Yahoo Has Been Baninated

Due to a crawler that thinks sending hundreds of requests at a time is an acceptable practice, something that effectively results in a denial of service attack on the web server, Yahoo’s crawler has hereby been completely and totally banned … Continue reading

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